FSX Photoscenery does not match the ground poly: Solved problem.


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I am doing ZBAA, Beijing International Airport. I started the project almost 2 years ago and use Google Satellite image as a reference plan. The airport is big and it takes so much time to develop. I used the image from Google at the beginning and planed to buy the satellite image when I am almost done. So that my satellite image is up to date when the scenery is released. The satellite image from Google was perfectly align with the runways in AFCAD file of the default airport. I fully believed that the satellite photo was perfect for my project.

The problem came up when I got a new image. The new one does not match to what I have been doing for two years. It is a big problem and not easy to be solved. Those taxiways ground poly's have to be relocated. Not only that, the AFCAD file in ADE has to be changed too.
I have spent more than two weeks to solve the problem of big satellite photo that Sbuilder refuse to show. I cannot get INF file to work with.

Finally, I got a solution to both problems, the miss-matched satellite photo and too big file.

These are the steps I used:

1. I reduce the size of satellite photo to 50% and test it in Sbuilder and it accept this resolution. This is just a test that how much I need to resize my photo.
2. I use the resized photo to make a reference plane in Gmax. I use the coordinate provided by GeoTiff file and MCX tool, coordinate converter. So, I have the plane with correct width and length.
3. I merge this plane to the file that I have been doing ground poly for taxiway and runway. There is a slight miss-match but it irritates me. I have paid a lot of money for that but it does not seem to be the right thing.
4. Then I select the plane and slightly move the edge of the plane until the satellite photo is perfectly match the ground poly.
5. I made two small crosses and put both of them to North -West and South- East corners of the reference plan. The I export those crosses and turn the mdl file to ground poly. Put bgl to the scenery.
6. I get into FSX and slew to see where those two crosses are and write down the coordinate I get from TCalcX. Now, I have the coordinates of the corners.
7. I get back to Sbuilder and put those coordinates to the map. Change the name of map to Photo_ prefix and let Sbuilder generate INF file.
8. When I got INF file. I delete the line of Null Value and put xDim and yDim value in Excel spread sheet. I divided them with 2 since I reduce the photo to half. When I use the real full resolution photo, the xDim and yDim will be half of the resize photo (xDim and yDim are the value of one pixel cover the area on the earth in degree. The same photo but higher resolution, the area of coverage per pixel will be less.)
9. I drag the INF file to Resample.exe and I just got the new perfect-matched photoscenery without relocating the taxiway and runway.

Hope my English is good enough to make you understand. It is a cheat but it works well. I think you might not encounter this problem but if you have this problem too, this might help.

Now three runways are perfectly matched and the objects from Gmax too.
Time to start more work on other objects, taxiway edge light, signs and service vehicles.

Thanks for this, even though it was some time ago you posted it. I think I am about to run into this same problem and I will apply this method!


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It works!
I started the project years ago with google map and satellite image has changed through time. After I had done a lot of lines, taxiways and runways then I purchased satellite photo in order to obtain the most recent one. But I came across the problem that the old one that I used for reference plane is not as good as the new one. The new one obviously did not match the ground poly that I did years ago. Start making all of them was such a night mare, so I did a "cheat" on the new one to make it match the ground poly. Then I do have a new coordinate that is perfectly match and solve the problem of too-big-satellite photo at the same time.
(PS. the old satellite photo has matched the coordinate of those 3 runways, so I believed that it was a perfectly match the real world. But the one that I recently purchased has a few miss match, may be 1 meter or two but it is noticeable. I don't know which one is wrong but I cannot do all the ground poly all over again. So, I need to cheat.... LOL.
Interesting, I’ve been making photoscenery to liven up some of my older sceneries. It’s a lot of fun using scenproc, SBX etc. Out of interest, how do you go about purchasing a google image? Is there a special site to go to? Thanks

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I purchase from the sale representative of satellite photo in Thailand. I think the method of purchasing varies from each country. You need to look at Google Earth in the bottom of the screen, there is a company who held copyright. I contacted them and they said I need to contact their sale rep. in Thailand.
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