Photoscenery GUI within FS

Since so many of us are wanting to create base textures for FSX; and I, personally, am having a heck of a time trying to get resample and sbuilder to work :confused:. It would be nice to have a GUI (think ~ Object Placement Tool) where you could see your photoscenery, align it, select alphas, and then compile from within FS. This seems perfectly possible with the new FSX SDK, but I am no expert....



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To be honest I don't really see the purpose. To place photos accurately you would need to know their geographic position. So in that case entering the parameters for resample is quite easy (especially if you have them as GeoTIFF). With a visual "trial-and-error" placement method I don't think you can ever place photos accurate. That placement methods works for things like 3D objects, once you have placed an accurate reference like a photo :).

1. If the file you are using is not a Geotiff, or you do not have good coordnates for it.

2. For small areas to accent the default scenery

3. It would be a whole lot faster.

4. The photo underneath your airport generally doesn't need to pe exactly precise, it could be off by a foot or two and nobody would notice.

5. It would be great to be able to rotate the photo

This may not work that well for very large photo sceneries, but for most GA Airports it would be great, and definitely help some novice scenery developer wanna-bees to be able to develop sceneries quicker not having to sludge through the SDK.

Just my thoughts...


I think SbuilderX 3.10 is the closest you'll ever get to a GUI for the resample SDK.

Look for by Luis Féliz-Tirado on Avsim. It explains how to do it in SBuilderX and use the Resample method.

I have used both SbuilderX and the Resample tool. They work ok for me.

I DO embrace the SDK...Spent hours reading and rereading it!

For years I wanted to build a certain scenery using photo tiles and I have spent hours placing 250+ tiles by hand in FS Scenery Creator, and yes the resample tool is a HUGE improvement!
But...if something like this was availiable; I would of had my scenery done last year, and a lot of other wishful thinkers like me would be publishing a whole lot more photo sceneries, maybe.

Who knows? Maybe I'll learn the SDK enough to actually make a program like this myself.

Just my opinion and "wish"list.