FSXA Phuket International Airport (VTSP), Thailand


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I'm doing texture baking in 3dmax. Unfortunately this project was started in Gmax. Next time I'll do in 3dmax only. I need to do texture baking in 3dmax and come back to gmax to remapping since the older project has a lot of repeated textures.

Hopefully it would be good in FSX as it looks in 3dmax.


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Sorry I misunderstood the question.
Both methods actually. The buildings is made of photoshop work except windows. It is photography taken from somewhere else. But most of them are Prasong's work from previous version.
I have some baked-texture works. The model was done in traditional way in Gmax. Some parts have a repeated texture. I imported in 3dmax and make texture baking by autounwrap method. I got a new texture and remapped the model (very tedious job). Next time I'll do this in max and do the texture and bake it later. Less job it would be.

You will see the shadow casts on the building and the yellow acrylic roof is semitransparent. So the shadow is brighter than the rest. Looks real.

Some parts made of pure photoshop by myself especially this building which was not exist in the previous version. After texture baking, it looks so real with shadow cast on the posts. The post itself has some reflection too.

The light poles and the spot lights cast their shadow on the roof. I think texture baking is not obsolete. It make things more real, even though it does not change with time.

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:) Great Jtana.

One question though, It seems that you didn't design the apron yet. It still the photoreal layer. Will you change it ?

Can you add 1 or 2 typical regional Ai aircrafts somwhere in the airport ?

Thanks for your work !



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Some more detail
The main building. Shadow of semitransparent roof cast on the floor and road.


Detail of shadow cast on the posts

Another view on Terminal 2 building. See the reflection of white roof on the wall of the building. I love texture baking so much.
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Texture baking make lighting at night looks so real.

Some how I have problem with ground poly. It should look like this in Gmax but it does not show up.
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Fantastic project there 'jtanabodee'!!
How long has the project taken you so far now?....many sleepless nights?!
Looks excellent mate....keep up the good work:)