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After a 3 week hiatus from scenery development due to real life, I am pleased to announce the impending release of a small project I developed these last 2 days, which also served as a 'small change of scenery' from my so far year and a half long development of Portugal VFR. In line with my previously developed scenery for the Tokelau Islands, this one is also of a tropical archipelago: The Pitcairn Islands!


These are a group of 4 islands (1 volcanic, 1 coral reef and 2 atolls) which make up the only British Overseas Territory in the Pacific Ocean. Located in the SE Pacific, the islands form the least populous national jurisdiction in the world, with an estimated 50 inhabitants all living in Adamstown on Pitcairn Island proper (pictured above).

The scenery is essentially a much more detailed rendition of these, as they are present in the default FS2004 scenery. Unfortunately the only thing missing is relevant mesh for Pitcairn Island itself, since of the other 3 islands, 2 are flat (the atolls), and Henderson island has a freeware mesh available for download (which will be linked to/explained in the project's documentation). The only mesh available that I am aware of is the Pilot's FS Global 2010 payware mesh, as that's what I have and used to create the scenery on. If you know of any other alternatives or know how to create mesh and would be willing to do it yourself for this project please reply here or send me a PM for the latter!

As no air transport exists in this part of the world, fictional ACFADs were created for better exploring it. All include a Water landing area, and a small sand strip also exists on Ducie Island (the only one with geographic features that could realistically have one).

And now for some pictures of the scenery itself!

Pitcairn_3.PNG Pitcairn_1.PNG
Pitcairn Island viewed from the North and from the South respectively. Note Adamstown settlement on the first picture, and a close up of the Island's Radio/Weather Station on the second.

Oeno Island Atoll

Henderson Island, a raised coral island which accounts for 86% of the total land area of the territory and an important ecological reserve.

Ducie.PNG Ducie_Final.PNG
Ducie Island Atoll. Short final from the cockpit for the sand airstrip.

I hope you're all excited for the scenery as I was while making it! :)
It is essentially finished, with only some minor polishing needed here and there. The most important thing missing is to have it beta tested by anyone other than me, to confirm that people can install the scenery and have it showing up correctly in their sim!
So I would ask for any volunteers to send me a PM please!
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Hey Leonardo,
I'm just curious: what drove you to make the Pitcairn island? Did you watch too many Bounty movies? :D
Hey Vitus,

Not exactly haha :p
What drove me to make this were the same things that drove me to make a scenery of the Tokelau Islands I guess, a combination of love for tropical islands and a fascination with obscure remote places of the World :)


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What about trying to create a photoreal scenery? I think that would look much better than the standard FS2004 textures...
I understand that photoreal is usually the way to go on these sorts of projects, however as I mentioned in my Tokelau scenery project's thread (where someone, not sure if you also suggested photoreal textures), I'm not that fond of it; mainly due to the loss of autogen which is more important to me than ground textures. Also finding seasonal & day/night textures for this part of the world is very difficult if not outright impossible...

I do appreciate your interest in the project though! :)



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Just checking in to ask once more if anyone is willing to help me out by beta testing this scenery on their sim before I release it?


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No beta testers required anymore; file has been uploaded to Avsim & FlightSim libraries. I'll post here again when they're available for download!