Placement of Effects

Not sure where to ask this, but since it pertains to an aircraft. I have several TFS, FAIB, etc. aircraft that come with effects files. Typically these would be placed in the FSX\Effects folder.

I would like to isolate them and wonder if I put them in FSX\Addon Scenery\effects if FSX would pick them up during load. I know that the scenery and texture files load okay from there, but not so sure that if FSX has the ability.

I know that AIG puts their AIM Effects folder elsewhere, but P3DV4 may do different things with the add-on.XML folder.

Anyway, I'm going to try it and see what happens. Until them I'm hoping that someone either confirm or deny and if the latter an alternative location.


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FSX only loads effects from the main effects folder. Only in P3D v4 the option was added to have addon specific folders via the add-on.xml file.