Placing grass as autogen

Hello everybody!

According to the P3Dv4.2 Changlog you can place grass as autogen.
In the autogendescriptions.xml you can already find the entry for the grass. However, it has a strange GUID (0000-0000-0000-0000) and nothing is displayed in the sim.

Has anyone managed to plant the grass yet, and if so, how does that work?

Thank you already in advance!
Kind regards
Hmm, I tried the GUID D80C52D8-A4E5-4055-820A-29B12E8372EF, but without success, nothing gets displayed.

But let me try something out tomorrow, maybe I've got an idea.
That GUID refers to the Speedtrees backyard grass clump model. It is visible if one places the model with ADE, but whether it works as autogen is still a mystery. It's possible that one has to include it in the ST autogen file and have ST vegetation active in P3d4. I've never read a description of someone mixing "billboard" and ST vegetation models as autogen, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Keep in that this ST grass model is small and is probably visible only at close range, like the ORBX grass models.
Ok, thank you for your answers, i have figured out how to place the grass.
Anyway, I think I won't use it because it is a bit too small...

Thank you anyway!