Play and stop an animation

Hi Arno,

I was wondering if it is possible to play the animation, stop it and continue when met a certain condition. I would for example open the hangar doors halfway by tuning the nav2 frequentie, then un-tune the nav2 so that the doors remain halfway open. If I want to close it again, I should use another frequentie, and the animation played reverse. Same as with opening the hangar, I can change the nav2, so the doors closes a bit and remains partly open. Just wondering . . .


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Yes that is certainly possible, BUT (there is always a but) you will have to tweak the source code yourself to get complex things like this.

At this moment there is just one trigger and the animation has only 6 states (0 static at start, 1 ready for animation, 2 animated, 3 static at end, 4 ready for reverse animation, 5 animated reversely). If you would add more states to this (for example for half open) and then add additional triggers to set the state (second frequency) you should be able to get the behavior you want.

The techniques to do this is described in my frequency controlled animation tutorial. Maybe, one day, complex triggering like this will also end up in CAT, but I can't do any promises about that at the moment :D.
Sounds complicated :rolleyes:

I don't think I have time for that, the next few weeks. Maybe in the future. But I have to start at the beginning of source tweaking, so if, if! I decide to do it, I have to spend hours on this forum to learn it;)
I guess I should be happy with my current hangar doors, but it is always the same:
Once you have something, you want more :p