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FSX:SE Please Help Me fix this problem

As I already wrote, no problem here (why ever). I'm on FSXA only. However, I'm wondering whether the doubled ICAO might cause the error (an infinitesimal small difference might cause strange effects - or not. Chaos Theory... :duck:).
So your saying that the ICAO is what causes the game to crash? but I place it in the right region to be called "EG".
An ICAO code is unique and is used as such in the simulator as single identifier. For "playing" with ADE or other tools try to find fictional ones or do it based on stock airports. You can't do anything wrong. You only need to delete the compiled results and everything will be as before.
Axel makes a good point - never use a stock ICAO for a user added airport. To be clear if you want to modify a stock airport then load that into ADE and make the mods. ADE will handle the updating of the airport. If you want to 'invent' you own airport or add one that is not stock then do not use an ICAO that is already in the Sim but add one of your own. FS does not mind if you add your own, it does not like it if you use and existing one for something not related to the original airport.
Anything will work provided if is not the indent for a stock airport in the sim. You can check if it already exists by using ADE try opening a stock airport with that ICAO. ADE will tell you if the isn't is already used.
So your saying, "for an example that ICAO "EGLW" could change to say like ICLW". Would that work?
"EGL1" would do it too. As Jon already wrote there is a function in ADE telling you such doublet.
You could use as well Pete Dowson's MakeRunways tool (it's free) giving you back tables you could search for ICAO codes (or any string) or even Plan-G, as well a useful freeware. Both tools are building their data upon the used (active) airports in you sim.
As Axel suggested, when I create new ICAO codes I try to keep the first 2 or 3 letters the same, and change only the last letter(s).