Please Help With Ramplights - FLicker / Apron Lighting Issues

Hi all,

Having learned how to mip map textures, my FS9 airports are all looking very nice.

Clearly, fences have to be deleted, or they flicker like mad... and no way of stopping that awful flicker.

No amounts of AA or mip map settings will change that.

However, one thing I can't live without are lights.

I have tried lots of different ramplights, but all flicker. maybe it's the the fact that they're tall thin objects or red and white... I don't know.

Does anyone know of any lights that don't flicker or shimmer from a distance ?

Or, is there a workaround ?

Secondly, is there any way of lighting aprons that doesn't need the ramplights?

Thirdly, when I use them, the light on the aprons, shifts quite a bit.... pops in and out at distance. Again, any reaosn for this ?

And finally, I get a lot of "banding" with the ramplights, and my aircraft landing/taxi lights on the ground. Again.. foible of FS or correctable ?

Thnx in advance.
ramp lights


If you use your own ground poly you will run into many problems.
Fs 9 will have no shawdow. Anyone know how to fix that?

Apron night textures work for lights. But does not look very good.

I use no ground poly's except to make my painted lines.

For my last project i used a ground poly. This new project has a real light.
This takes some simple asm tweaking.

Heres a sample!

Hope this helps! Delivery Guy,

Anyone who needs help or wants to share ideas! I am on my team speak 2 everyday under capt DG.... ip:
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You might wish to review the concepts related to separating 2 or more textured planar objects (ex: light splashes on ground or another object) by incremental changes in placement elevation as discussed in this thread:

PS: These tweaks related to shadows etc. may be of additional interest:

Hope this info helps ! :)

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