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AIFP has often been referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife" of flight planning tools. As of today, AIFP incorporates over 45,000 lines of code in over 60 modules (I just counted them following today's general release) and a complement of features too numerous even to estimate - many of which I've forgotten about after >8 years of continual development and enhancement.

So, it should not be surprising that, when someone sends me a vague description of something they perceive as a problem, I have to ask for more detail. (Check almost any forum thread.) This is not only wasteful of my time but is frustrating to those reporting such issues.

I appreciate many of you have your own names for AIFPs functions. Such terms are often general in nature and, complicated by your native tongue, sometimes meaningless to me.

When you report issues, please be specific. Use the terminology AIFP uses - exact button, field, menu and dialog names and error messages. It is helpful - and often essential - for me to be aware of what you did several steps prior to the situation of concern manifesting itself in order to duplicate the problem. Check if the situation is repeatable. If it is, tell me the steps you took to duplicate the situation, so I can do the same without guessing. (If I can't duplicate an issue, it's unlikely I can fix it!) If the problem relates to a specific flight plan/aircraft/etc. attach the data or a link to it. Don't be concerned about too much information.

Finally, I also often get asked what will AIFP do in a particular circumstance. Why ask? Try it and see. You can't do any irrecoverable harm.

Best wishes to all for a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

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