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I am not sure what you mean. If you mean "would it be possible to make a plugin loading map data from Virtual Earth", then - based on what I read here - the answer is yes. It does however not mean it is allowed (it seems he use an ondocumented interface to get the files) or that it will be stable enough to do so (due to the undocumented and hence possible changing data retrieval).

I would love Google or VE opening up for retreiving map data for other things than web, but we will have to see what happens.


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I agree with Lars here. If we ever try to do something like that, we need to be really sure it is allowed. And that such data can be used in the scenery without trouble.
I know, but it still used one or another "fishy" way to get the data as far as I could read.
Microsoft did not close this service for World Wind Users. (Goggle did)

And I think, they will not close it for a small group of FS Developers, who want this data only for a background image in a scenery tool.
(reprojection is not easy)

Does not mean, you are allowed to use it in your scenery!

But in addition to this, you have to be an artist so and so. If you want to work with this satellite images in FS – as part of your scenery (in 5 seasons and night)

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