P3D v4 Polygonal vegetation with scenProc v2

Hello guys!
I am trying to do autogen vegetation from OSM shape files for my project by scenProc manual, but something goes wrong because when i hit RUN button to export autogen, log tells me this:

18:55 CreateAGNPolyVeg Information Created 0 autogen objects
18:55 ExportAGN Information Written 0 autogen files

This is how looks the code:

CreateAGNPolyVeg|FTYPE="POLYGON" And type="forest"|{e8b937fd-a1f2-4bd5-8548-2c80d30102af}
ExportAGN|P3D v2|F:\Desktop\Project\Autogen\texture

and if i delete attribute type="forest", it works, but it covers with vegetation all around.

Any idea what i am doing wrong guys?
Thank you all in advance!


Resource contributor
Are you sure that the attribute is indeed type and not something else like name or class, etc. Perhaps providing your shapefile will help.