FS2004 PORTUGAL VFR - The ultimate complete scenery for Portugal! (WIP)


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Hey everyone! Another update on the work here! :)
I'm pleased to announce that I currently have 3 members here helping me out by building accurate renditions of Portuguese castles that I will include in the scenery! I would also like to publicly thank them right here for the time and effort they are putting in to contribute to this scenery project! :)
The Dam/River Water runways are all done! Next up I just have to create the few remaining Harbour/River mouth/Sea Water runways, and I will start working on the airfields :)
I have in the meantime also completed the expansion of Portugal's main road network, which consists of Freeways/Motorways & Highways (Auto-Estradas & IP/IC roads in portuguese).
Since the days of Portugal Terrain (2005) Portugal has seen a massive expansion & growth of these types of roads, and since they make for great VFR references, I just had to add all new ones to my scenery, perfectly complimenting the ones already included with Portugal Terrain. Also included are accurate intersections for all of these roads in the Lisbon & Porto metropolitan areas, as well as everywhere else in the country for Motorways (Auto-Estradas) only.
I have also rectified an 'issue' that PTT had, which was the in-existence of bridges whenever a road crossed a river or reservoir in either a waterway with significant width or a valley with significant height; and so I have added bridges in all of these locations, including for the major roads I have added myself.
And now 2 maps which will help you understand exactly how much motorway/highway was added by me:
Motorway & Highway network included in 'Portugal Terrain'

Motorway & Highway network included in 'Portugal Terrain' + the ones I added to my project!

I shall post again when I have another important update to share with you! :)
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Hey everyone!
I am currently adding photoreal bridges to the scenery and they really give the area a realistic feel!
I haven't counted (because I'm still finding more models to use) but I reckon the project will have around 30-40 real model bridges around the country ;)

And now as usual some pictures; and if you want to check how close to the real thing they look, just google the bridge name:

Marechal Carmona bridge next to the city of Vila Franca de Xira

Salgueiro Maia bridge, part of the southern portion of motorway A13, next to the city of Santarém. Santarém's airfield is visible in the middle left (runway threshold near left start of the bridge).

Edgar Cardoso bridge next to the city of Figueira da Foz, known for having Europe's biggest beach by area!

I shall post again when I have another relevant update!
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Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while since my last update on this project; unfortunately this was due to having had to almost stop progress on it due to both personal and professional life 'getting in the way'.
I have resumed work these past couple of days, but for the time being my time is somewhat limited so I'll be making much slower progress than before until I can get more free time again.
Nevertheless I have added quite a few more photoreal or otherwise realistic bridge models around the country!
In this update I'll show you all 6 bridges across the Douro river in the city of Porto (Portugal's 2nd largest):

Ponte do Freixo - Road bridge part of highway A20 (São João bridge in the background)

Closest to farthest: São João railroad bridge; Maria Pia bridge (unused old railroad bridge designed by Gustave Eiffel), Infante road bridge & D Luis bridge which is currently used both as a pedestrian crossing (on its 2 decks) and as a crossing for the Metro do Porto (on the top deck)

Same 4 bridges as the above picture but in reverse order (note D Luis bridge's 2 decks)

Arrábida bridge (part of A1 motorway) just before the mouth of the Douro onto the Atlantic Ocean

I am currently still dding some more bridge models in various parts of the country. After this I shall proceed to start working on the airfields.

As always I'll post again when I have a relevant update!
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So I have finished adding all custom model bridges around the country! In total there are 17 individual bridges represented (some in more detail than others, remember that I don't make the models myself!), as well as 20 highway & motorway viaducts/bridges in deep valleys or river crossings represented with 5 different generic models. Obstacle warning lights have also been added for those bridges that represent a flying hazard, including the default scenery 25 de Abril bridge which contained none.

And now some pictures as usual ;)

Vila Real.PNG
Corgo Viaduct or Vila Real bridge - 2nd highest bridge in Europe (after Milau viaduct in France) and one of the 50~ highest in the world that takes the A4 motorway across the deep Corgo river valley near the city of Vila Real.
Vila Real aerodrome (ICAO: LPVR) is visible just below the top right corner next to the motorway.

Peso da Regua.PNG
Motorway A24 viaduct across the Douro river near the town Peso da Régua, followed by a shorter viaduct right after which crosses the Corgo river valley, right before it empties into the Douro river.
Corgo Viaduct from the previous picture is visible in the distance to the North.

Next up is bringing to life the various ports, harbours and marinas around the country, as well as rivers and lakes not covered by the water runway sceneries, with ship & boats objects, buildings and general port infrastructure.
After that I'm proceeding to create all the airfields!

Next post after a relevant update ;)
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Hey everyone!

I know it's been quite a while since my last update on the project's development, almost 4 months!! But if any of you thought the project died, don't worry it's still very much alive; I've just been extremely busy these past months with life in general, but that didn't stop me from doing lots of stuff for the project!
In all this time I converted & compiled library objects of some categories of models I'll be using on Portugal VFR (churches & lighthouses for example), which will make my workflow and installation for all of you much easier!
I've also learned how to model and texture with skecthup (by means of creating many of the lighthouse models, some of which you will be able to see below!), so you can expect a good amount of models (essentially castles and some fortresses) being originally created by me, instead of all of them being from 3rd parties as I mentioned on the first post here.

Scenery-wise (which I know is what you guys want to see :p ) here's what's been done since last time: I recreated the biggest powerplants Portugal has, as they make for good VFR references, including smoke, burner tower & steam effects created by me! They are 6 Solar farms, 13 coal/gas/biomass powerplants, and the country's 2 refineries!
Some pictures/exampels below:

2 Solar Farms near the town of Ferreira do Alentejo

Coal powerplant near the very important port town of Sines (MSFS default Sines LPSI airfield in the background)

The country's biggest refinery (2 seperate areas) near the town of Sines

Pego coal/gas powerplant near the town of Abrantes, 1 of the biggest in Portugal and 1 of 2 examples that have 'Nuclear powerplant style' cooling towers!

Now for the latest development, here are pictures of some of the Lighthouse models I will be using, some from 3rd parties, some created by me from scratch, and some created by me with use of parts/pieces from 3rd parties! :)
Someof these lighthouses are placed inside or on coastal fortresses built in the 16th-18th centuries, which are also modeled and will be included in the lighthouses objects library instead of the Castles & fortresses library.
Also I have managed to create some light effects that will simulate the lighthouse beams at night (a total of 11)! As such, all lighthouses in the project WILL be lighted (something which was undecided as of the 1st post), and with a combination of colours/light period that are at least in some way similar to the real thing (creating a genuine lightbeam faithful to each individual lighthouse's operation just proved far beyond my capabilities, and I believe even impossible for some of them without at least using multiple effects due to FS9's fx limitations..)
Some of all the 42 lighthouses are represented in a mix of photoreal/basic artificial textures, while others are simply 'artificially' textured.

Vila Real de Santo Antonio's lighthouse (mostly photoreal) - my creation with heavy use of 3rd party components

Bugio's lighthouse on the entry of Lisbon's harbour (sandbar is photoreal, lighthouse is textured) - from 3rd party

Cabo da Roca lighthouse, on the westernmost tip of continental Europe (mix of photo & textures) - my creation with some 3rd party components

Forte (fortress) do Cavalo lighthouse, near the beach town of Sesimbra (fortress walls are photoreal, rest is textured) - my creation with lighthouse as 3rd party component

Fortress of Santiago da Barra, on Viana do Castelo's harbour entrance (no photoreal). A 16th century fortress originally built to protect the city's harbour, which now houses the region's tourist center & a large congress center, as well as being a tourist attraction in general. It is also the site of 1 of 2 lighthouses that guide ships into the harbour - my creation with lighthouse as 3rd party component

Hope you all enjoy the developments, and as always, I'll bring more updates as they come, and I promise It won't take me another 4 months to bring you the next! :p
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It's quite interesting to see how your skills grow and grow. Nice project.
Thank you!

Yes I've been having as much fun developing the project as I have had learning about object/model creation and editing! My skills are obviously still just the most basic, but considering I knew nothing about object development before starting this project I guess that's something! :)