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FS2004 PORTUGAL VFR - The ultimate complete scenery for Portugal! (WIP)


Resource contributor
Hello everyone!

YES! This project is still very much alive and well! Just progressing at a snail-ish pace unfortunately!
Nevertheless I have a few things to show you all today.
There's still a lots of stuff left to complete, the main reason I haven't updated anything in a while is because I've been spending more time in this project dedicated to object/model design and creation of my own libraries so as to use as little libraries as possible from 3rd parties! (avoiding a more complicated installation process, copyrights, saving space for when the scenery is uploaded, etc).
Not many areas are complete as of yet, of the top of my head I can say that essentially only the seaplane bases and surrounding scenery are 100% complete; still some other areas are closer to being done! For instance I've created and placed the AFD flies for ALL the airfields, with placing of objects remaining for most of them yet. I've started to create the AFD files for the Heliports now, and already have one fully complete with objects and everything (showcased below), as it served as a testing ground for the creation of custom helipads and buildings. Besides these there is still the Windfarms, Navigation obstacles, and a ton of landmarks to add (and model!) yet. I have no estimate on when the project would be finished but as always I'll keep you guys posted whenever there's a big development!

Also, check the previous posts, as I edited some of them with new pictures (now showing the new models I've created and am using), as well as keep in mind that I constantly update the #1 post whenever relevant changes or specifications are made/added to the project!

And now for pics!

ICAO: LPAG Albergaria-a-Velha Heliport: used by the firefighters of the town of Albergaria-a-Velha for anything from medevac to forest fire combat ops, it is located within an industrial area and very close to the actual firemen's HQ.


These are 2 private airstrips part of what in english you would call a Ranch/Farm property located in a 'Herdade da Galega' and 'Monte do Lago' in the Ribatejo and Alentejo regions respectively! The only objects missing are the hangars as I haven't modeled these yet.

Herdade da Galega:

LP34_2.PNG The small lake/reservoir has a water start in the pier visible in the image.


Monte do Lago:




Until next time!


Resource contributor
Hey folks!

New update after a long while! Yes this project still isn't dead haha :D

Not much has been done since last time, or at least not much worth showcasing I'm afraid; I've mostly done project cleanup and changes to stuff that was already done, as I've come to learn new techniques for 3D modelling, object library compilation, etc.

However I do have something to show! I've since finished 2 of the many airfields in the project, one of them with objects and buildings doen entirely by me which I'll be showcasing below:

LPSC - Santa Cruz Airfield. One of the most popular airfields in the country, and commonly referred to as 'the aircraft carrier' in Portugal's aviation world due to being the public certified airfield with the shortest runway (apart from Ultra-Light/Sport aircraft certified only airfields), whose length is barely above 600m, 510m if you exclude both displaced thresholds!
And now the goodies:
Actual pictures of the airfield for comparison:

Now back to my FS tools! Until next time! :D



Resource contributor
Hello again!
Just bringing a small update that I forgot to mention in the previous post.
In addition to all the scenery files, I intend to include official aeronautical charts from Portuguese AIP & VFR Manual for those airfields & heliports that have them, in the scenery package; however and since these comprise less than 25% of the total number of airfields, I decided to make my own fictional charts for the majority of the smaller ones, including for all Seaplane Bases, and Military bases for which there aren't public charts available (which means all of them except LPBJ due to its status as a joint Civil/Military airport). I might do a few for some major Heliports too but most of these are so small and simple that they hardly justify having a whole document dedicated to them :D

Here is a Beta version of LP8D, aka Dornes Seaplane Base, which has been heavily showcased in this thread :)

View attachment 58365 View attachment 58366 View attachment 58367 View attachment 58368

The format is heavily inspired by the Portuguese AIP charts, and has info in both Portuguese & English, as well as distances in Imperial & Metric units. The approach chart's terrain will be 'sourced' from OpenStreetMap and the Aerodrome chart will be an edited view of the AFD in ADE. In this picture the view is from AFX, but I'm in the process of converting all my AFX files into ADE (which I already used to place objects) so that I can not only minimize the # of software used, but also the amount of files for the scenery in the end!

Hope you enjoyed this idea and like the look of the charts! Now back to scenery making for me :laughing:
Hello everyone!

Good news for the few FS2004'ers out there! This project still lives!
This past year I've dedicated myself more to both other hobbies + actually flying my sim vs developing scenery for it, so that's what explains the 10 month silence since my last post.

Scenery-wise there's still a good amount of work to be done but I'm confident in saying that I have around 60-65% of the scenery done. I can't nor will promise any deadlines for release dates and the likes because my IRL is much more fluid nowadays and my interest in scenery development fluctuates a lot more than it used to haha! What I can promise is that I will keep on working on this project with the intent of releasing it for public use some day in the future once it's 100% complete!

What I bring to you today is not more scenery snapshots but instead my reworked version of the custom/fictional Aerodrome charts I mentioned nigh on 2 years ago now.
The airfield chart now does represent the airport view as seen in ADE (as I mentioned I would in the previous post) with a bunch of addons on top to make it a 'fairly acceptable' substitute for a real life chart.
The approach chart however is the pièce de résistance, having been completely revamped and now looks like a great emulation (in my opinion) of the look of visual approach charts from Portugal's AIP & VFR Manual. This is/will be done with a piece of software I hadn't used in 6 years, which is QGIS, with terrain data sourced from SRTM and all the other data sourced from OpenStreetMaps.

These charts will be done for all the airfields (that don't have an official chart) and seaplane bases in the project, and will be included in the final product, being a great addition for a more immersive simulation for those who, like me, are real life pilots, or that are more serious simmers :D

And now the finished chart for the already showcased here before Seaplane Base LP8D - Dornes (note that quality is severely reduced here in FSDev - page #3 in the chart pdf has enough detail that you can zoom in until you have a single icon in sight without it all becoming a blur!). You can compare the chart as it was 2 years ago with what it is now in the linked post above.



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