FSX:SE Possible to place non-airport scenery using ADE?

I would like to place a scenery group of items that are a landmark near an airport (large water tank and support buildings) - can I use ADE or what can I use?
Fred Z


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ADE requires the scenery it creates to contain an airport. You could load the airport into ADE and add your objects to it. If it loads after other versions of the airport then you should get what you expect.
Thanks Jon, if I do not want to attach to a existing airport, any ideas on what I can use to place free-standing buildings into FSX/SE?
I keep having fun with your program, and learning things (like new words-some useable in polite company) :cool:
Fred Z


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Are these buildings library objects or generic buildings? If library objects, there are several options. You could use Instant Scenery to place them, for example. While payware, it's worth the price.

Freeware options for FSX seem to be somewhat limited at this point (surprisingly). The OPT utility included in the FSX SDK can be used, if a little unwieldy.


Earlier programs like Rwy12 are somewhat tedious to use, and usually are not FSX compatible.
You could always place them by hand like you used to have to do with airport beacons before ADE included it back in v0.whatever...
Thanks guys, the item is a water tank (large) that I created years ago in FS9 and uploaded it. However, I lost the files in a computer melt down, and I just do not remember how I did it. I know it was NOT ADE! If I can't figure it out, it is no big deal, I am just trying to bring a little history to my FSX scenery.
Fred Z