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Blender Precise planar UV mapping?

Hello all,

This is a very basic Blender question, from someone coming from gMax.
In gMax, you could do planar UV mapping and enter a specific size for the UVW "Gizmo". This allows to perfectly match resolution across textures. I'd like to do the same in Blender, so that I can match and align different textures across parts. How is this done? I could not see any way to Unwrap by first entering a specific size in Blender.

I think when you select your object and click from the UV unwrap menu ‘project from view’ it will project a map from orthographic view which you should be in then a menu will come up on the left usually in the tools menu, you’d want to keep ‘orthographic’ enabled and disable size to bounds etc
There is also a plugin for Blender that manages texel density of your UV's called Texel Density Checker. It can detect the texel density of UV's, and apply a specific density if you want certain objects to match in resolution. It is very handy when you modify/add parts and you don't want to unwrap the entire model again to ensure a matching resolution. Also helpful when you want to reduce the resolution of non-critical components.