FSX Preferences are never remembered

I know Java applications are always rather peculiar in almost every aspect (that's why I prefer .NET) but I have noticed that FSX Planner never remembers the project settings, as a result every time I load a project for modification I have to re-enter those settings for it to compile well. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits in a restricted (non-admin) account.

  • Compile | Directories and Files | BGLCOmp.exe Folder
  • Compile | DIrectories and Files | Destination Folder
  • Compile | Directories and Files | BGL File Name
  • Compile | Directories and Files | Place Elevation BGL in
Any way I can stop wasting time and have FSX Planner remember that as it should?
Well it is just that the windsock that is rendered by FSX Planner seems better than that in ADEX for example which looks like a 2D drawing. That's why I switched back to FSX Planner.