P3D v4 Prepar3D Version 5 - April 14

Doesnt look like any extremely major features or anything.... wonder what their plans are to compete with FS2020 ....
But ... But .... But Undulating runways!!
Lol. That's a great feature for sure... but it seems odd that's the only big thing. And even then it's not as big as something like dynamic lighting etc.
I think their best way to compete with FS2020 would be to include upgraded scenery everywhere, as well as maybe better aircraft. Seems to be something FS2020 will be big on, being better out of the box without requiring many addons to be very realistic.
Good weather will be nice too, we will see what extent they improve it to.
I agree with Jon. The main market for P3D is professional simulation for military training. The enthusiast market is a nice little earner, but remember this is a Lockheed Martin product, and they don’t generally deal with consumer-level products. A couple of line-replaceable avionic units for any of their aircraft probably results in more revenue than a year’s worth of sales of P3D Academic!
Me too. It's a training simulator, but FS2020 is a game. A bit of a difference - I'd rather have systems fidelity than eye candy.
That said, it's the enthusiast market driving the development of 'eye candy' that makes the Pro levels of P3D a more saleable product. However, it's only when you look at the bespoke installations of P3D in military training infra that you see how far it's come from FSX!


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More info and screenshots:

They should have cranked up the autogen slider for the shots showing cityscapes.


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It's a nice upgrade from v4.5, and would have been hugely popular were it not for FS2020. To me, it seems too little too late, but then of course as others have said, we're not really their target market. P3D still needs all its add-on scenery and weather generation to look good, and I'm guessing that as per previous major upgrades LM will charge full price for the new version ( no free upgrade ) whereas FS2020 comes with all of that out of the box and looks far better. My personal opinion is that most simmers who intend to upgrade this year, especially in these tough economic times, will vote with their wallets and wait for FS2020.


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I have never seen a difference between the different versions of P3D4 and the one with 5.
Maybe I don't spend enough time flying virtually to see the changes.
(Their PBR looks like an improved specular, but that's it)
That said they made the most stable simulator that can exist and it deserves more than anything
I'm willing to give LM a chance. DX12 is a good update. Some vendors will provide free updates for installers. Another good thing. They have a return policy of 15 days? What's to loose?
The articles talk about v5 being a start of better things. An overhaul of the rendering, maybe next is the flight dynamics, additional simconnect and PDK updates. This may really be the start of good sim that 3rd party developers can get behind.

I think Dos Equis is beginning to show a flaw with the heated discussion on one of the forums about Web Assembly. So it may just be game with tons of eye candy :stirthepo but it will be backwards compatible. So is it a desert topping or floor wax? (I'm showing my age)
I have an interesting question
we used to GP to make a layer above default AFCAD textures, our GP are basically 3D flat Objects placed on the ground, we have a small slope every 100m using the MCX GP wizard
but now, we have sloped runways and aprons which means GPs cannot be flat anymore, it's hard if not impossible to make sloped GPs as we need to project every GP objects like marking and details and even worse, we have to be sure what mesh resolution our users have set in the settings.
I've seen FSDT and aerosoft showing their sceneries working on V5 but i don't know how they are using their GPs even with Native 3Ds max tools.

What do you think ??


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Are you sure these are really GP for runways on slopes ?
The runways on slopes have been around for a very long time I remember FlyTampa Grenadine a (Mustique islands)
The only reason why this hasn't been done before is that AI air traffic is unable to handle this
I've never seen a scenery with sloped runways, Fly Tampa use 3D models, it's just a 3D model with platforms


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V5 should support AI on sloping runways. These are made using the SDK and compiled into the airport bgl file. If my notes serve me correctly then there are something over 10 airport that are sloped in the shipped installation. I am sure LM will put them in their documentation but I will make my list available after the sim is released.