P3D v4 Prepar3D Version 5 - April 14

I did pick it up. At the moment, v5 has serious problems with the AMD 5xxx series graphics cards, and LM aren't yet on top of it. Surprisingly, they don't have a rig with this graphics card in their studio (according to a reply from them on their forum), so it may be a while before this is sorted out. A shame, as it looks like a worthwhile improvement.
Tim, let AMD know about the issue. They might get with the issue faster then LM can. They would be the one that could create a good driver for this sim.


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There are some autogen problems still under investigation. If you got a problem, please log a ticket. Chances are it's already being investigated.
Hi everyone,

I installed new P3DV5 and added my scenery on it.
There is a significant change (from what I see) to the way that light affect objects. Some of my PBR textures seem better and some very dark. I have not re-compiled the airport with the new SDK, just installed it and checking.
Regarding the new version I noticed another very important addition (at least in Greece area).
There are extremely improved coastlines and much better mesh terrain. Is that the case at the areas that you observed?


Ellover Dee

I installed it a few days ago. It took a few hours to get the graphics settings working correctly (optimized) for my Nvidia 1080, but after that was done, it ran smoother and looked better than V4.5, which I still have installed. So I like it.

The only problem is that Saitek does not have a driver that allows my control panels to work, so I'll continue to use V4.5 until this is sorted.

But overall, it seems to be an improvement.

Ellover Dee

I agree with Jon. The main market for P3D is professional simulation for military training. The enthusiast market is a nice little earner, but remember this is a Lockheed Martin product, and they don’t generally deal with consumer-level products. A couple of line-replaceable avionic units for any of their aircraft probably results in more revenue than a year’s worth of sales of P3D Academic!
That's probably not too far from the truth.

But we have to keep something in mind: P3D has always been about enhanced graphics, detailed global visuals, and mission simulation. The Flight Dynamics Engine is exactly the same as FSX Acceleration.

LM is pushing very hard to get "external flight models" and all kinds of new coding working with this PC-based simulator as a way to introduce student pilots to the basics of flight. It's not being used as an advance simulator to explore the outer limits of flight.

VR is really on the upswing, and getting all the switches, bells, whistles, and stuff accurate.

My interest is still in the native FDE which was retained intact from FSX-A. Actually, some features were deactivated or simplified, but it's still all there. So was quite thankful when LM stepped up.
Hi Manwlo - I really miss your scenery in P3D v5 and today I just cancelled this year's trip to beautiful Western Crete due to the terrible circumstances, so feeling pretty bummed out.

Anyways - wondering if you were still planning/working on an update? I also just picked up that you are working with 29Palms on Mykonos - couldn't think of a better pairing in scenery design.

All the best

HI - not sure if you are responding here or not, but in case you are reading - if you are updating for P3D v5, please note that the sim now checks for multiple SimObjects having the same name. The 3 windsock models that LGSA scenery uses have exactly the same names as Gaya's LGKO scenery, causing an error. This is flagging on my system even without having installed LGSA in P3D v4 (SODE has found the P3D v4 version). If you could rename the windsock models as part of your update, that would be great. More info here if helpful: https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?topic=p3dv5-error-multiple-objects-with-same-title-name