Problem GVP compilation (ATC Voicepack SDK)

Hello :)

I try to modify a little some wave from the USEnglishBig.gvp file.

After decompiled this file with "GVPDeco", I added some effects (with "GoldWave)to the wave files. But now, when I try to recompile them with "ATCVoice Pack SDK" (VPEdit), I've the following message, as soon as the software begin to write Wav files

I've the same number of files and folders, same properties (names, audio properties ...) for each file, except the weight, of course (a little heavier).

Stange, if I recompile without modifications, I've no problem.

What's wrong in my procedure ? Why this message "Visual C++", only when I add these effects ?
Anybody can help me ?

Thank you very much :)
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As I wrote at, if you are replacing a .wav file with your own, or simply editing an existing .wav file, you are destroying the special "tokens and/or markers" that were added to the original .wav file by the editor ACES used.

This is one of the reasons why there have been no "new voices" added to the default sets. It is not the primary reason, which is sheer number of .wav files required, but still is a rather big stumbling block.