Problem - ImagineSim VIDP recompile for P3D v4.5


trying to recompile the attached parking file for VIDP. It was amended to add GSX L2 gates and new parking spots.
However, I have two problems:

1) AI already parked at the airport at gates / on ramp is at 40 feet above the elevation of the airport (see picture).
User aircraft and AI that has arrived, all are at the approximate altitude of the airfield of 755.0 feet ASL.

2) The ground is bumpy (acts like unpaved surface) on ramp, taxiways and runways, with ground textures bleeding through in places on runways.
There is a flatten.bgl in the scenery folder, but the sim seems to be ignoring it.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks.


Is there an _ALT file missing here?
Not missing, but the _ALT file in scenery/world/scenery had incorrect height. Thanks for steering me in the right direction!

Next problem, how do I stop the user aircraft from experiencing bouncing / bumpy taxy, take-off and landings, please?


Resource contributor
Make sure you are using a smooth runway surface like concrete or asphalt, and make sure the runway is wide enough for the landing gear (if using a different surface above the ADE runway).

Also make sure that your flatten extends all the way down the runway.