Problem overriding land with water

Hi again,

I tried creating a coastline with Ground2K but when exported to FS, the coastline appears but there is still land beside the river / coastline.

If you can see in my pic, I would like to get sea to the left hand side of the river, but dont know how to :(

I would appreciate any help to help me get this working :)


Hi Dary !

Not sure if i understood you right but i will try my best :)

I think u will get the water closer to your apt @ the right !?
So u have to go this way :

You made a new coastline but this will not overwrite the default FS9 terrain !
Make a new L"and"W"ater"M"ask" polygon (as shown on the pic) and set the LWM to WATER POLY with an altitude of 0 feet/meters (this will flatten the terrain).

That`s it ............................ :teacher: