Problem Texturing

Hello everyone! :wave:

Im having a problem in GMAX texturing; where when I hit "Unwrap UVW" on a polygon, and hit "Edit" - only on one side of my model can I apply the four squares as such...

I dont know if you understand what Im saying but if you look at the pictures; you can see only one side of my model is textured properly, and when I hit Unwrap UVW on the other polys, I can only have one square to apply the map..

Id appreciate it if someone told me where I am going wrong :)





sounds like ur doing it right. edit handles are availalbe for all the polygons if you click the little triangle button at the bottom of the edit window. just select more polygons if you wish more handles in the way your doing it now.
What you need to do is break the model into multiple material IDs. By this I mean select the entire model at the polygon sub object level and change the material ID to 7. Next, open the material editor and create a new multi material. Change the count on the sub-materials to 7.

Change the color of each sub material to something other than the default gray color. As an aid at this point make the last sub material's color black.

Once you’ve done this go back to the viewport and deselect the object by clicking in the viewport anywhere other than on the object.

With the object non-active (deselected) go back to the material editor and drag the new material onto the object.

The object will turn all back. Reselect the object at its polygon sub-object level and select all the polygons that make up the front of your building.

Change the material ID from 7 to 1. You will see the building update to reflect the sub-material color for ID 1.

Go to the back of the build and repeat the selection on the back only changing the ID to 2 this time.

Do the same for left side making its ID 3 and then move on to the right side repeating the polygon selection and changing the ID to 4. Finally, move onto the roof. Make the left half ID 5 and the right half ID 6. You should not see any black color now. If you do select the offending polygons and change their ID to be the same as the areas they are meant to be in.

On to Mesh select and UVW modifiers.

With the object selected add one Mesh select to the stack. Open the Mesh Select and go to the polygon sub-object level choose ID 1 with the Select by Material ID box.

You will see the Material ID 1 become active on the font side of your building. Change the viewport so you are looking straight at the front of your building.

Now apply one UVW Map modifier to the stack. It should by default be a planar map and that’s ok.

Look down into the Parameters rollout and you will see the Alignment section.

Choose View Align. It’s best to work with square UVWs so go back up to the Length and width in the Mapping section and make the planar map square also being sure to make the planar map large enough to cover the biggest area on you building.

Repeat the above step ensuring to keep the UVW map square and the same size for each ID as you add them also be sure to change to the viewport for the side you are working on this very important when working with planar maps. They need to be a flat as possible on the polygons.

When the Building is fully mapped add one more Mesh Select to the stack. Again choose the poly sub-object level and this time ensure that you select the entire building.

Add the last modifier to your stack, which will be an Unwrap UVW.

Now you will be able to open the Edit UVW and use the All ID box to choose which ID you want to work on without affecting the other IDs. Load your texture into the Edit UVW as background and start aligning your IDs into their proper places. Or do a screen capture at this point to create a new texture template once you have the IDs arranged to your liking.

Hope this helps.