FS2004 Problem with compile of .bgl

New to ADE but have been using for alittle while. I use it to install ils"s on airports whith none. I have one that will not compile. I have had some with the unknown black box missing objects but the would still compile the bgl. This scenery is TropicalSim TNCB. I attached the AF2_TNCB.bgl original and my TNCB_ADE9_ts.AD4 with the ils's which will not compile. This is for fs9. Hope someone out there can help.



Resource contributor
I'm not sure how you did it, but your AD4 file is not in FS2004 format, it's in FSX format. It will compile fine for FSX. It has an exclusion rectangle that includes Ext. bridges in the object, which can not be compiled for FS2004. You must delete this exclusion rectangle and re-create it while in FS2004 mode.

Hope this helps,