FSX Problem with Helipads at different altitude (worked around)

I am building an island airport, the runway and one helipad are at 131 ft. on a ridge of the island. I also needed to place two other helipads in other parts of interest of the islands but those other two locations are sitting at 4.2 ft. (four point two).

When I do Error Checking it says it could be a problem because those two are at a different altitude than the airport. When I compile however no errors are given. So far okay.

But, when I explore the scenery and start with a rotorcraft from either of those two other locations I see that there is no H helipad drawn on the grass surface but when I take off I see two helipads floating in the air at the same altitude as the airport.

How can I fix that and have my helipads where they are intended?
Hi LordOfWings

If your 2 'other' helipads
are at differing elevations from the ARP,
then they'll have to be created as entirely different airports.

Hello @BASys that was not the idea, however I just found a workaround to get rid of that issue. I mean, it would still complain (FSX Planner) but won't give compilation error.

The workaround is to delete both Helipad objects in FSX Planner and leave just the two Start Locations of type Helipad with the corresponding altitude (not the ARP). Then with SBuilderX I placed the actual Helipad scenery object, not quite as nice as FSX Planner's but now the floating helipads are gone!