Problem With MDL Bgl - Items Colored Red

I am trying to open a BGL (one of many) that I use with Instant Scenery and used to use with EZ-Scenery. They are constructed in FS9 style - Scenery & Texture folders. When I open one of these BGL with Library Creator all of the items are red. If try to compile I get file not found errors.

My objective is to merge some of the several BLGs into logical composite BGLs to provide a more logical library.

Dick Boley near 5G8


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Hi Dick,

Did you decompile the library BGL files and then try to add the MDL files to a new library? The red color on items means that it can not find the MDL files at the expected path. Depending on the way the decompiler works, it might help if you turn on the relative path option.

But one big warning (although that was not your question :)). It is a very bad idea to put objects from one library into another one. That will mean that you have the same object with two GUIDs in different libraries. That will only give confusion.

Besides that the purpose of a library is to prevent copying the object around and having it only at one place. So especially if you want to release your library to other you need to be very careful with this.