FSX Problem with old shorelines and flooding

I have been out of scenery design for about 6 months and wow, have I lost the touch! so maybe some of the brilliant people here may help me get this problem sorted out on a new scenery I am doing.

So I have attached a top down view taken on the simulator that better shows the problem I am facing. The area has a big river and I had to modify two (2) QMID 11 quads, both containing open water and river but I am having the problem with only one of the QMIDs.

In the attachment you can observe a red line which shows the old shoreline of the stock FSX scenery. I placed a rectangle on the small peninsula at the bottom and marked it "Exclude All Shorelines" but it doesn't go away.

Likewise, you can see my new shorelines (the white ones) and in yellowish/greenish areas that are supposed to be ground (as they are on the SBX) but in FSX those areas appear flooded with water.

I checked my Hydro polygon and it HAS the contours that would leave those areas unflooded. I am puzzled as to why this is happening.


I need to compare the stock elements and what you have drawn to analyze problem; so could you send me a screen of the bgl file you have created opened with TMFViewer (set view QMID level 11, and show the bottom line with important infos: coordinates, Dir#...., File#...., QMID.... ).
If bgl files are not automatically opened with TMF, TMF is located in SDK\Environment Kit\Terrain SDK
A possibility (I don't know the concerned files so far):
TMF Viewer allows to see the nodes of default shoreline; maybe it's composed of several lines; if the exclusion rectangle doesn't intercept all pieces of default shoreline, so some of them would remain.
A useful suggestion:
In TMF Viewer take a screen of the concerned part of default cvx (here the 2 QMID11) in bmp format; then add it as background in SBX project (easy calibration with QMID lines).
So you can see all elements you have to rework.