Problem with the quality of night texture on bluildings


I've a problem with the night textures on my buildings. Its a problem of renderig quality, as shown in the picture.

To do these textures, I use Blender. I add some lamps and I proceed like the ambient occlusion : making a bake in "full render" to obtain a "night" UVmap, in png.
Under Gimp or PSP, I load the map (UV Map) of my building, add the new night map as layer with the "multiply" option and finally, export as dds file
But, when I see the result, I think it's not a good way ! Or I'm missing something

Anybody know the cause of this problem ?

Thank you for your help :)


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For which FS is this for... You have the right technic/ workflow though... at least one way of doing it... another way would be to "light up" areas within GIMP or other.
Have you tried changing the "multiply" into something else? Such as, "Additive".

Or maybe I'm missing what you are trying to show within the picture?
Hello Doug. Thank you for your help

In the picture we see ugly concentric traces.

Yes, I tried to change Multiply. But It's the only setting to have a real night texture.

Can the problem be due to a wrong bake value in Blender ?


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You could raise the sample amount within Blender - for the life of me I can't remember the exact name of the sample amount (maybe sample rate?) That should help on the concentric circles though.