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Problems with CAT and MakeMDL

Hello, forgive for my English one but it is not very good. :eek:
I am reading the tutorial Conditional Animation Tool, but when I arrive to this part "MakeMDL does save two source files of your object, myfile.asm and myfile_0.asm. It is very important that you never select the _0.asm file.

When you select your input file (or the first input file in he/she marries you it uses secondary conditions), the output file will automatically get the same yam, but with the suffix of _cat. So when you file is called hangar.asm the default output file will be called hangar_cat.asm. Of course you dog overwrite this filename if you wish."

I execute the MakeMDL but it always leaves me this error and I am not able to generate the files ASM.

"Running model

Start! (C:\gmax\Scenes\edificio1.gmax)
Loading X C:\gmax\Scenes\edificio1.gmax...
ERROR: Invalid X file: C:\gmax\Scenes\edificio1.gmax.
Error! "

The MakeMDL requests me a file "X", but I export in 3ds and alone I have *. XML and *. MDL besides the file. gmax

Thank you - Gracias
I have read the forum and inside "makemdl.cfg" I have:

LastLatLon=N43 * 18.04 E8 * 32.23

creating a simple box that moves without textures, exports it as box1.gmax,
believe the box1.xml and the box1.mdl, but it doesn't create the *. ASM

this it is the Log of the error:

Running model

Start! (C:\gmax\Scenes\box1.gmax)
Loading X C:\gmax\Scenes\box1.gmax...
ERROR: Invalid X file: C:\gmax\Scenes\box1.gmax.

do I understand by mistake that it leaves that the file with extension gmax is not worth? :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Help

You should not have to run MakeMDL manually. It is called automatically from GMax when you export your object using the Fs2004 gamepack. Your are trying to run a gmax file through MakeMDL and that is not possible.

To make sure the ASM files are saved as well when you export the MDL object from GMax, you have to put the following text in the makemdl.cfg file (the file in your gamepakcs\fs2004\plugins folder):


Hope this helps,
Ok thank you that era the problem.

Now it leaves me this error when compiling the MDL and clear when I install the BGL anything it doesn't work.
I have created a simple box with a door that moves, him but simple possible to prove if it worked, but I have not gotten it.
I have put the frequency 112.00 in NAV2 and it doesn't work.

Starting compilation...

Microsoft (R) Flight Simulator BGL Compiler Version 8.00
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1981-2002. All rights reserved.

Assembling: C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat.azm
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(136): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_local_varbase_1
LOCAL_BASE_32(4): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(136): Include File
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(204): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_local_varbase_1
LOCAL_BASE_32(4): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(204): Include File
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(224): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_local_varbase_1
LOCAL_BASE_32(4): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(224): Include File
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(347): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_local_varbase_1
LOCAL_BASE_32(4): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(347): Include File
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(348): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_trans_1_1_a
BGL_ANIMATE_INDIRECT(7): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(348): Include File
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(354): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_local_varbase_1
LOCAL_BASE_32(4): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(354): Include File
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(355): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_trans_1_1_b
BGL_ANIMATE_INDIRECT(7): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(355): Include File
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(361): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_local_varbase_1
LOCAL_BASE_32(4): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(361): Include File
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(362): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_trans_1_1_c
BGL_ANIMATE_INDIRECT(7): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(362): Include File
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(368): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_local_varbase_1
LOCAL_BASE_32(4): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(368): Include File
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(369): error A2006: undefined symbol: prueba_trans_1_1_d
BGL_ANIMATE_INDIRECT(7): Macro Called From
C:\gmax\meshes\prueba_cat_0.asm(369): Include File
BGLC: Error!

Compilation ready!
The truth is that I believe that the problem is in the creation of the animation, but not you that it is it makes bad.
If I load a scene that there is for defect in the called gmax "animhouse.gmax" in the directory C:\gmax\gamepacks\fs2004\scenes \ I believe the files ASM, later the BGL with the CAT and I put it in the Flight and it works perfectly.

I make all the simpler one possible.

I believe a box in the gmax, pulse the button "Animate", I go to the frame 100 the turn 180º and I disable the button "Animate". I Keep everything in Save As, I export it, I execute the CAT and when I load the file in the final step and pulse you Generate yourself BGL because it leaves the error of up.:mad: :mad: :mad:

It looks like the problem is in your animation indeed. Are you sure that you used the require tick18_ prefix in the part name? Else the animation will not work in FS.

Before running CAT on an object, it is always a good idea to try the animation in FS to see it is working correctly.
Hello and thank you for the help.

I don't understand to that refers with this "tick18_ prefix"
Not you that that és.
Thank you. -
Have you checked the MakeMDL SDK? For animations to work in FS you must name your object with the tick18. So don't call the object Box01, but tick18_Box01 in GMax.
Thank you jejejeje knows them to him you, all, he was right.

It is that I am beginning and I am a little clumsy: D

I thank him the speed to answer, he gives this way pleasure.

A more jejeje.

I could recommend some manual of as being able to apply realistic textures as those of Google Earth to the FS.
I ignore like one makes and I would like to learn to be able to put realistic textures on my city and later to create houses for above.

A greeting and thank you for their time.