Program won't work

Just installed P3Dv4.5
Trying to set up ADE but get messages that say the following:
1st message on start up: "can't find the effects folder inside FS installation" - the effects folder is there.
2nd message when trying to open a stock airport: "can't find a part of the path E:\LM P3D\scenery\....... .bgl

I have the P3D SDK installed have have directed ADE to the necessary folders.
Please advise.



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It looks like you haven't set the path to the sim correctly.

What version of ADE? Do you have any other sims installed? When you start ADE does it open for P3D v4?
I hang my head in shame!!!
I left out the letter ''v" in the file path name. Working now.
However - question - in FSX I saved projects to Addon scenery.
Where do I save to in P3Dv4?