P3D v4 Project Africa

Hello everyone!

To download please follow this link:

Already during my Germany-Photoreal-Project I started with Africa.
Today I am so far that I can show first pictures for my first test region - Chad!

Why Chad?
The main reason was that it includes many vegetation zones, from the Sahara in the north to the Moist-infantile Savanna in the south.

Sat images with a resolution of 2 m/px are used as a basis. The vegetation is based on high-precision Landsat Landcover classifications, which I processed with ArcPy to feed ScenProc with.
The vegetation zones according to White and SRTM terrain data are also used.

Buildings still cause problems, but maybe I will find a solution!

But here are some pictures!

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Oh, the sat images are from ESRI. They are much better, because in Africa the color transitions are not as strongly visible as on the google imagery.

Didier, i totally understand you. I visited Namibia last summer for a few weeks, and since then I wanted a very good Africa in the sim. And I hope, that my scripts are now good enough to create whole Africa. The only thing which is limiting is my workstation, because especially the process to create the vegetation shapefiles really takes its time!
I think Africa would be a good opportunity for photoreal add-ons if they have the quality like the above shots. Those are 2m? Loos as good a 1m to me. :cool:
Good evening everyone!

After another week, I can show the first pictures of Morocco!
But unfortunately I made a small mistake in assigning the vegetation types, so I can only show a few pictures from the south (and the region around Agadir) today. I hope to be able to solve the problem tomorrow.

My bus broke down there around there on the way to Agadir some 25 years ago... 45 degrees and those trees really don't provide much shade... We waited an eternity for the next bus... Looks fantastic - can't wait to see when you get to the area around Suez :D
Now also pictures from the rest of Morocco:

However, I am not quite satisfied yet, especially the differentiation between fields and scrubland does not work as well as I had hoped. I was able to make some corrections, which will then affect the coming states.
Thank you all!

Indeed, it is now something completely different to fly over Africa...
Next will be Algeria, but due to its size it will take 1-2 weeks...