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I thought I'd ask here in case anyone has the same issue (or otherwise able to advise). I'm unable to unzip the folders (Niger in this case). Tried IZARC and 7-Zip but both say extract is not supported.

Any suggestions?


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You have all files in the same folder, select the first one (.zip.001), right click on it, 7-zip and select Extract here...
That does not work?
After a few tries it worked for the first one (.zip.001). However the .002, and a few others I tried, results in 7-zip giving me the message that "Can not open file as archive".


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You don't have to extract each .zip.xxx individually. You have to select the first, which will unzip all the .zip.xxx-files.
You could also try to select ALL .zip.xxx-files, and make a right click -> 7-zip -> Extract Here...
Thanks. Got it working. Excuse my ignorance - didn't understand how zipped volumes worked. Niger is beautiful. Outstanding!

Will try adding SlimLights Africa at some stage.
Confused as to what does checking the hashtag do? If they don't match they don't match or are you saying you can edit the hashtag to match? I d/l Egypt several times (as you know around 17GB). First zip 001 gives me 12 files (is that correct?). If I use 7-zip and select all 18 zipped files only the first unzips and never starts 002. If I select just the 002 I get "cannot open the file archive". Same with files 2 through 18. o_O
Interesting... ok, so I tried another area, Tunisia. 4 zipped files. I selected just 001 and unzipped. Lots of header errors and reported some 56 bad bgl files. I did get 2572 bgl files and 63,408 agn files. So I imagine the hashtags are ok else it would not unzip?
Update - Tunisia 003 was corrupt. After four downloads it did finally match. :p I do see perhaps an anomaly? A large lake in rectangle form. Is that how it should look like?



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That's indeed a bug...
Thanks for reporting that, I think I already now what I have to change...

By the way, i am currently working on a big update of Morocco and Tunisia, so this problem will be solved with the upcoming update!