P3D v4 Project Africa

Thanks for the quick answer.
Do you plan to release it in one piece or will you offer only parts of Africa. Just asking, because people mighte be more interested in the southern and northern parts with countries like Egypt, Tunesia, Marocco etc. where people go for vacation.
Oh, whole Africa will be around 750 GB, so of course I will release it in parts. Anything else would make no sense, because many only fly to certain regions, like you wrote.
But I can already say one thing: It is also worth it to fly in the other regions!
Don't worry, i will release it country-wise. So it is no problem just to download the states you are flying to!
I also try to keep the file sizes as small as possible by using only a resolution of 1.6 m/px. But with a continent like Africa it's obvious that it's not that easy...
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hey @MatthiasKNU
just found out the ERSI maps are not updated, they are so old even more than 3 or 4 years ago :( at DAAg there is a brand new terminal that has been weking for a year now and it has been built 2 years ago and in the ERSI maps there is still grass in that place :/
I've been looking for good satellite imagery for two years now. And believe me, these are the best ones for Africa.
But if you know even better ones that cover the whole of Africa without colour transitions, you are welcome to tell me the source!
As I say before: beautiful scenery on a forgetten continent from developers.
It's a very good idea to fill this gap in all available sceneries