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Hello Mathias

I'd like a link to your African scenery please, but it seems a bit pointless for me to join a German scenery forum. Would it be possible to receive one via PM?

Thank you.
All is downloaded and installed: wonderful sceneries with a lot of pleasure during my first flight from Casablanca to Algiers (I am born in this town in 1957 ;)).
In parallel I also downloaded 4m/pixel sceneries of Africa on http://www.airhispania.com and the difference in accuracy is obvious from the first minute. I don't specify the link, but you'll find it easy.

The summum is to mix the two, the airhipania coverage for the surface and flights at high altitudes in liners (22 Go), those of Mathias for VFR accuracy and the approaches to the main airports (63 Go = Algeria + Tunisia + Morocco + Western Sahara).
The texture directory of Mathias is shared via symbolic links with the others sceneries . Very good job Mathias ... I wait for the others sceneries to discovers others countries that you want to develop.

When I discovered this topic I was interested by Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D and I try it with pleasure. After this experience above Africa, ... I will try to make the same with Madagascar ...
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You must log in the german forum (use the english interface) an then send a MP to Mathias who will send you the information.
I don't think that I am no allowed to send this information on this forum :rolleyes:

algeria is splitted in 37 ZIP of 1 Go so the download operation will take "some times" :cool: