P3D v4 Project Africa

... and the next pictures!
Today I completed Sierra Leone, which will be uploaded as soon as Mali is online.
Unfortunately you can see very clearly that the satellite images near the equator are not as good as in other areas.
However, I must also say that strong color transitions and clouds in the pictures are by far not so strongly visible, since I also created the autogen very densely.

As always, beautiful work! It's exciting to see a shot of Bamako!

I'm starting to lose track of everything that is currently uploaded, since you have been so productive :p Would you mind sharing a list of everything uploaded, and things that are in progress?
Liberia is also waiting for the upload:

As I wrote above, the satellite images are not so good, especially near the equator, there are many clouds on it.
You can see in this picture how this looks in the sim with the autogen:
The red circle marks the places where clouds are on the pictures.
By the way, I think I have found a solution for the problem (especially in Egypt), where residential areas with buildings are created where no buildings should be.
I think there will be a big update for Egypt as soon as possible!

By the way, today a few numbers:
At the moment 30 % of the area of Africa is completed. That means, that around 9 Million sq km photoscenery are downloadable.
These 9 Mio. sq km need about 200 GB of free space. My goal, to get whole Africa into less than 750 GB seems reachable, though.
Anyway, all in all, I have already processed more than 14 TB satellite imagery, as well as 1 TB GIS data.

Thank you all for your support so far!
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Happy to hear Liberia is on the way! I’ve started working on Monrovia GLRB. Still far from being completed, but I’ll make sure that it will fit with your photo scenery!
Great! Really looking forward to more african airports!

Today I have quite a lot of good news!

You can now look up how much space each country needs:

I have completed the autogen update for Egypt. It is already uploaded. You can then find the download link directly on the fsxforum-page, as it does only contain agn files.
You will find a small readme with the installation instructions in the download folder.

I have completed Sierra Leone.
Just a few screenshots:

I also completed the Cote d'Ivoire.
It is fully compatible with the scenery by @Alex753 (https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/fsx-p3d-abidjan-airport-diap-ivory-coast.437836/).


I also completed Burkina Faso, now I am working on Niger!

And last, but not least, Sixth:
I am about to finish the upload of Mali, I hope that tomorrow all parts are uploaded and ready to request!
A small status update:
Niger is ready for testing.

Currently everything is going a bit slower. That is due to the huge amount of trees in the equatorial area, which need to be depicted...
Thank you. I'm doing my best, but to be honest, I'd be glad if MSFS 2020 looked even better!
But I just continue, maybe - but only very maybe - Africa will be ready before MSFS 2020 comes out... ;)

Currently I am creating Ghana, the autogen for Ghana, Benin and Togo is already completed. My autogen-creation-script is working on Nigeria since more than a week now...
So this has been interesting for me now, how long it will take until all of Africa is ready...
So I wrote a little python-script...
Project Statistics: Africa
Created Area:                      10.471.150 SQKM (34 %)
Area Africa:                       30.221.532 SQKM (100 %)
To be created:                     19.750.382 SQKM (66 %)
Size for 10.471.150 SQKM:          239,1 GB
Expected size for 30.221.532 SQKM: 690 GB
Downloaded imagery data:           1,191 TB
Processed imagery data:            17,872 TB
Processed OSM data:                2,356 GB
Created agn files:                 4.188.460
Size of created agn files:         27,923 GB
Duration until today:              134 Days
Area per day:                      78.142 SQKM
Duration until completed:          252 Days
Estimated completion date:         26.07.2020
Very impressive that my scripts can now create 80000 SQKM per day... o_O

EDIT: The completion date is of course just extrapolation. Don't expect that it will really be finished that day!
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