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FSX Project completed: Airbus A320 with simplified FMC with real Vertical navigation management


I present to you my project, based on the Project Airbus A320 aircraft (I have all the autorization of Project Airbus Team for this project).

I am french and a beginner in xml coding. I want to tell many thanks to Tom Aguilo and Robbie McElrath, without them, for their huge help to me to create it.

Excuse me for my bad english.

The origin of my project is to create an aircraft, which is a intermediate solution between basics liners and Payware with all operating systems.

I want to create a very simplified FMS (airbus FMC), with a no-realistic presentation, but that all people can operate, to have the possibility to create SID and STAR and the most important, my FMS manage the vertical navigation (a thing that doesn't exist in freeware in my knowledge, exept JB Panel).

This project use the Tom Aguilo's XMLVARS.dll module and the Rob McElrath's LoggerX module.

At this time, The panel is not completed, but some functions are active.

The gauge allows to edit FSX flight plan to modify it, add or delete waypoint to create SID and STAR, and you can save the edited flight plan in .PLN format, to be compatible with FSX.

I use only the FSX GPS navaids database (no airacs).

The vertical navigation works for takeoff, climb and cruise. I am writing now the descent code, but this is the most difficult part and I work hard.

I have wrote a new autopilot and A/THR function to have a constant thrust climb as real liners (THR CLB mode), and the throttles notches (CL, FLEX, TOGA, IDLE, REV) with a sound. ( here is sample video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgpTK8-1TjY ).

Here is some screenshots of the project :







I have activated all the overhead functions (bleeds, pumps, hyd ,estinguishers....) create a realistic engine start procedure (with bleeds functions), create the cold & dark state ......
I have modified the FCU to create all the Airbus modes (managed/selected by push-pull, change the ILS procedure that work now with only the ILS and APPR buttons (LOC is only for tracking a VOR).
There is an autoland function and the SFCC airbus system to control the flaps.

You open the FMS gauge with SHIFT+7 or by press the MAster caution light.

To set the perf pages of the FMS, the white frame boxes are optional (you can leave the value to 0). The cyan frame boses are mandatory and must have a green value. Red value shows a wrong value.
The second flight level is optional.

For the gflight plan page, only the saved function works. Load/save SID and STAR is ot written yet.

To descent, you must pull (right click) the V/S button to engage the reversion mode and do a manual descent because the managed descent is not yet written.

RUNWAY ID and frequency are for an ILS guidance at takeoff; this is optional (only if fog and no wind , because the AP is engaged when aircraft reaches 80 kts).

AP engage or LNAV engage are optional (you can leave to 0) and in this case, you must engage the AP manually and LNAV so.
The LNAV is engaged by press the GPS/NAV button.

FOr the FCU, left click toggle to managed mode (pushed), right click to selected mode (pulled). Adjust value with the mouse wheel.

All the FMA readings are present for each mode.

I would like to have your opinion about this project, because, I'm in a period of doubt.
Many people thinks that my project is not good, because the look of the gauge is unrealistic. But my goal was to create an aircraft usable by all people. Real FMS is very complex and only few simers know how to use it.

And the most important to me was to create the vertical navigation managment, that doesn't exist in freeware.

But I would like to have your opinion and if I took the wrong way.

Sorry, I have just begin to write a user manual, but it is not completed, so many functions are not documented.

If you want download the aircraft, I have created a folder on Rapidshare;

Fdd_fr Folder to A320 FMS beta files

In this folder, you can download :
- the complete pack of the aircraft, with IAE and CFM version with beta panel 0.40 (file : Pack A320 FMS IAE-CFM beta 0.40.zip )
- An update of the panel for IAE version and CFM version : (file : Panel 0.41 CFM.zip and Panel 0.41 IAE.zip )
- a small patch which correct a small bug between the climb from FL1 to FL2 : (file : small patch for panel 0.41.zip ; this is just a xml file to copy in each panel folder)
- a small provisional user manual in english (french-english translation made by Adrian Roebl; file : Provisional Instructions Beta A320 FMS Version.pdf
- a small provisional manual (file : A320 FMS install and start manual v0.2.PDF )

The pack include the XMLVARS.dll of Tom Aguilo (with his authorization) and you must download the LoggerX.dll of Robbie MCElrath.

See the user manual to install these 2 modules.

Thank you for your Feedback

Francois Dore.

There is no feedback back. Does my project is that bad ?

Do you think that nobody will be interested by a "mid-core" aircraft , or my panel is bad ?

Edit : I have forgotten to thanks RPMC for his help and his fantastic GPS9 guidebook.
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François I try to be honest to you:
Your release of that Airbus mid-core system comes on a bad moment I think since the Aerosoft Airbus is released now and I think people are more heading over to that one, however I am sure if you get the attraction to your project then you will be swimming in request to modify/edit several things since this is a good approach of simulating the Airbus system(s). I must say that I really like your project and that it seems to be good. In your video I really liked the mode changes and I am looking forward to a release of this to see if I need this or not since I am more the Boeing fan. :)

Never the less, do not wait until others reply but do your own thing and afterwards, when everything is ready to use go out and ask for opinions since now with a product in beta stage which is that complex it is hard to say something.

Thank you for your message !

ScKevi, you are right. Aerosoft Airbus X is arrived. And my project is not completed and it will be never like a airbus payware.

But I will continue to try and finish.

Thank you for your messages.
Whaaouu ! This is a too great honor for me! My work is not enough good !

I do not know how to say thank you jencas. I'm embarrassed

Thank you very much.

Don't thank me, thank Dom and D'Andre from airdailyx. They keep an eye on everything remarkable concerning FSX and are the most informative website for FSX (and P3D) I know.
Just an idea: is it possible to extract the Takeoff page into a stand-alone 'airport information gauge'? Just have to enter the ICAO airport code and get the according information. Would be far better than to go to the menu, map, find the airport, zoom, select, etc...... on every ILS approach.

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You have already these informations for the departure airport (Depart, takeoff pages and click on the title airport name bar) or arrival airport ( Arrival , Descent and Approach pages).

But maybe you think to get these information about any airports ? in this case, I can include in the actual gauge. I will find a solution.

Some news of my project.

I have really advanced on the FMS and now, all works from takeoff to landing.

With Some simers, we create a free database of SID/STARAPPROACH for this FMS.

MAny thanks to Rob McElrath for his Customdraw guidebook that allow to me to create the TAWS function on the ND :

a sample of the Paris Orly LFPO SIDs :

FMS manage all STAR constraints : Altitude, Speed, and holding pattern

After the STAR, you can select your approach. Here, a sample of the EHAM Amsterdam SCHIPHOL approachs :


FMS manage holding pattern

FMS manage also the holding patterns where you enter at the opposite way, with a 30° leg before turn back

and maintain the holding in the right way before go to land

Turn back procedure before go in the axis of the runway, according the official approach data

Another sample with a arrival to KSLC, by a north STAR, to land on the 34R, by passing the FFU VOR holding pattern, with a opposite entrance:

After the opposite entrance procedure, turn back ion the right way of the holdng pattern

second holding


Landind 34R, all managed by FMS (track, speed, altitude)

All the vertical navigation code is completed with a real A/THR work at constant thrust.

I have to complete now ECAMS page , and improve the bleed function and circuit.

Many thanks to Tom Aguilo, who has improved the capacity of his XMLVARS.dll, that allows to my FMS to manage more variables !
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Wow, that's...complex. I think the VATSIMmers and the Radar Contact users will love this!
thanks for your interest, heretic.

But the most difficult part was the vertical navigation management and this is an "invisible" part.....

I am a little tired, but the end of the project is near. I must keep my way.

Thank you

You're welcome. And I know the feeling. The polishing of the project takes up a lot of effort. I wish one could do away with it, but that won't you net any downloads.
Yes heretic, the end of the project is long....too long.

Now, all the FMS code works and the last function is completed : DME-ARC totally controlled by the FMS :

Now, I must write user manuals, and I hate this part......
Your FMS is much more advanced than real Airbus320 FMS,I think you can make some gauges for 787.A few days ago,787 had tried flying all over the world.