Prokey prevents ADE to open

Hi guys,
after installing ADE 175 ( and after getting the update to 176 ) I installed Prokey as written in the manual. After starting ADE I get a message telling me that prokey cannot be found, the program won't be started. ( It happens also if I try to start as administrator ).
Checking the properties of the prokey.dll shows no blocking.
Somebody here to have any idea? Thanks in advance !

best regards U. Ferner


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Can you please provide a screenshot of the error message. 1.75 must be started 'as administrator'
Okay, here is the screenshot.
The first loading window with the progress bar appears when starting the program; thereafter nothing else happens. By clicking on the ADE-symbol on the bottom of my screen in the task bar this message pops up.


I made a de-install and new download of ADE twice; ADE works well after new install and before putting in the prokey, But after importing prokey the prescribed error appears.