FSX Prop Amps Var

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone can tell me the correct Variable for Prop Amps Gauge. The only Prop Amps Gauges I have are not true prop amps the closest is

<Value Maximum="30" Minimum="0">(A:Electrical genalt1 bus amps,amps)</Value>

Thank you all as always.

There's no A:Var for prop amps. In its most basic form, it's binary - if prop anti-ice is off, zero amps, if on, then a certain amount of amps depending on number of blades. Consult the flight manual of the aircraft for normal values. If you want to get creative, you could model partial failures or cyclic power application, but you'll have to supply the logic.

You can declare prop anti-ice in the [Electrical] section of aircraft.cfg:
If you know that value and if prop ice is on then you can fudge a prop ammeter out of it.
Once declared in the aircraft.cfg it will also affect the draw on the system current it is assigned to.