Prop Beta is measured by?

Hey all,

When using a Prop Beta reading, would that use angle, percent, or something else? Its not written in the doc.

Many thanks in advance.

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In addition to the variable Bjoern is showing from the SDK, you might try it with PROP BETA:index, degrees and see if the value isn't the same as what you would get if you were to convert the radians to degrees.


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There's magic goes on inside the sim engine. I stumbled across the same type of thing Dave_W is reporting a long time ago but didn't realise its significance for ages. What is stated in the documentation isn't always the best or the only available return. Radios will return Khz or Mhz despite the docs saying BCD32. The best use of a forced return are those annoying 'Percent over 100' - tell them to return Percent. Radians will return Degrees and vice versa. However, it's always worth a double-check because I don't know how far the magic stretches.