P3D v4 Prop Sound or Non Combustion Sound at zero RPM?

Hey all,

I seem to have a odd prop sound going on. I use the prop sound for both Non-Combustion and also Prop sound zones. However, when I boot up into the plane, on the runway, power off, there is a slow prop flutter sound going on. The sound is definitely the prop. I have tried countless ways to get it out of there. I use FSSS for adjusting my sound configs. I have tried importing the prop and non-combustion zones from the Cessna 172 into my sound config and no joy. When I hit Q key two times (sound off/on/reset), the sound goes away. Sometimes its both inside and outside, usually just outside.

I have a gauge that turns off the engine when its on zero throttle setting. Oddly, I never have this issue till yesterday when installing new sounds and resetting their rates and volumes.

In FSSS, I have RPM's volume and rates not coming on until around 50 RPM.

Anyone know a fix for this? Seems elusive. I do not want to redo it all just because of this.

And... Oddly, at a certain point, while adjusting this and testing in P3D V4, I cross tested it in FSX Steam and it suddenly stops working, lol... Perhaps its a sign. Today is the 13th. Perhaps I should just let it sit till tomorrow and it will mysteriously start working again.

I edited out the non_combustion sections in a test sound config and the issue went away.

Further, there is still a 'prop sound' when in flight, with props animating (in motion) which stops when the fans stop, so all is well. Leaving 'non_combustion' sections out.