P3D v4 Prop 'spool down' instead of sudden stop? How?

Hey all,

How can I slow down the 'engine off' RPM of a propeller?

Another words, a Cessna 172 will shut off from idle and the prop stops in about 1 to 2 seconds. A turbine turboprop will slow down or spool down and take perhaps 20 seconds to a minute to spool down. Is this adjustable? Can I do this with a 6 cylinder engine?

Roy Holmes

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I'm not sure what you are asking for here.
A piston engine will slow down quicker that a turboprop because of cylinder compression applying a braking force which the turboprop does not have.
There are quite a few items which affect the shut down timing but the 'dedicated' one is table 509 where the description says: low end affects how fast prop stops.


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I think
propeller_moi= 150        //Propeller moment of inertia
section in the aircraft.cfg file may have something to do with it too. At least, the props on my Wright Cyclones take a (sometimes frustratingly) long time to stop and we haven't messed with the FD (yet...).