FSX Prop Sync Gauge Help


Sorry to be pain I am not the worlds expert on coding and usualy I just modify an existing gauge to suit my purpose. But with this on I am bit stuck.
I would like the gauge needle to move left and right depend on the props synchronisation. Alas all I can find is the spinner type.
I wonder if any could give me some pointers below is the code and the BMP's I would like to use.

Many thanks


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This works;

<Gauge Name="Prop Sync Spinner" Version="1.0">
  <Image Name="SynchBackground.bmp" />

  <Position X="31" Y="51" />
  <Image Name="SynchNeedle.bmp" PointsTo="North">
    <Axis X="1" Y="48" />
    <Value Minimum="-100" Maximum="100">(A:PROP RPM:1,RPM) (A:PROP RPM:2,RPM) -</Value>
      <Item Value="-100" X="15" Y="22" />
      <Item Value="0" X="31" Y="17" />
      <Item Value="100" X="46" Y="23" />
    <Delay DegreesPerSecond="180" />
      <GAUGE_TURN_COORDINATOR Action="Freeze" />
I converted your graphics to bmp and re-named them as above.
Some of the numbers may need tweaking a little.