FSX:SE Proper physics for the center wheel

Hello folks,

What would you say is a proper way to simulate a more realistic tailwheel? I am so annoyed by FSX/P3Ds tendency to set the steering angle to 0 as soon as the aircraft comes to a stop, but looking through the table of variables, none of the Steering variables are settable. What's a proficient way to get the wheel behave more accurately?

My first thought would be to use a custom variable for the animation itself and calculate the steering angle manually. But how can I tell the sim to take that deflection into consideration when the ship starts moving again? Apply a torque on the vertical axis?



Resource contributor
Here is one I wrote for FS9 nose wheels, but I haven't used it much and thus is not really tested.

  <name>cc_c_wheel</name> <!-- NOT NORMALLY USED. for flyable aircraft - keeps nose wheel turned when stopped. Animation: 100 backwards, 150 normal, 200 backwards (180 deg. from normal c_wheel) -->
       <Code>  (L:CC_C_Wheel_Init, bool) 0 == if{ 150 (&gt;L:CC_C_Wheel, degrees) 1 (&gt;L:CC_C_Wheel_Init, bool) }
            (A:CENTER WHEEL RPM, rpm) 10 &gt; if{ (A:GEAR CENTER STEER ANGLE, degrees) 3.6 / 150 + d (&gt;L:CC_C_Wheel, degrees) } els{ (L:CC_C_Wheel, degrees) }