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proper way to add hangar floor?

Yes I have done a lot of work with the LOM. I have captured a ton of images so I can know what the objects look like before they are placed. In FSX I had the categories pretty well defined but I lost all that in a move to P3D and a new computer. Most every object I have is defined by the default Stock.

I may swap out the old hangar object for one with a floor but I don't know if that will solve the issue.

Orbx airport construction convention is very weird to me. I have actually removed both the ADEX_FTX_NCA_6ca6.bgl and the ADEX_FTX_NCA_6ca6_CVX.bgl and deselected my ADE airport and all the default Orbx hangars and cabins still showed. The only difference I perceived was the beige dirt areas were now just green photoscenery. Is that the Land Class Mask?

I appreciate all the help and diligence but I am not willing to install IS3 on the chance it may provide what you are looking for.

I am way over my head here but I do want to help. I can most likely split out an _*object.bgl file and attach it if that will help. One library I have is one that is not available to the public given to me by a (now deceased) friend with the caveat that I do not redistribute it. He could make some very nice scenery objects that I cannot do.

Any chance that Bgl2 Xml will extract the info you are looking for in the _*object.bgl file? How about FSX BglAnalyzeX?
Hi Obie:

It might help just to know the source for the "old hangar object " placed over your intended 6CA6 sloped flatten:

More likely we will find that some BGL from OrbX FTX NorCal is responsible for the flatten Altitude rendering anomaly, but there is still the possibility that your 6CA6 sloped flatten is simply too close to the RWY axis, which even if it is intended to render with a 0 Meters width, 'may' still impact rendering of your 6CA6 sloped flatten somehow. :scratchch

I may be able to derive info regarding 3D models used at 6CA6 via Instant Scenery "Labels" ...from another OrbX user.

Thanks again for your participation troubleshooting this curious CVX vector sloped flatten Altitude rendering anomaly. :)

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No problem the hanger is from "ez-vintage hangers.bgl" I have tried to convert all of my objects to P3d via MCX.


  • ez-vintage_hangers.bgl
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  • ez-vintage_hangers.txt
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Hi Obie:

Sorry I did not realize this sooner, but apparently I had mis-interpreted some wording in the OP: :oops:

As you can see below, I have placed an aircraft hangar over some slightly uneven Orbx terrain in P3D V4.5.

I used a Terrain Poly>Airport Background>Flatten to flatten the uneven terrain so I could put in a Concrete Apron for the hangar floor?

I selected Edit Individual Points and then set the Altitude on the four corners. This seemed to work OK but when I added the Concrete Apron at 0' AGL this is what I got. I've bungled around before and made good hangar floors but it was on flat terrain.

Also, some times when I create a Terrain Poly, I cannot select Edit Individual Points. It is greyed out and not selectable. What governs this behaviour (ie too close to a runway or other object)? Or is it a small bug?

The cited vertex counts for the "four corners" of the Apron object misled me (it actually has 5 vertex points). o_O

Thus, I failed to look for an Apron object in ADE when the *.AD4 file was loaded. :duck:

The Apron object is covered up in the ADE work-space by the 'Black Squares' representing "missing" Scenery Objects.

I had not initially thought to:

* Click: 'pull-down arrow' for "6CA6 - Eagle Ridge Ranch" in: ADE Menu > Lists > Project Tree

* Un-check: checkbox for Scenery Objects display in ADE Menu > View > Library Objects

Also, the Apron XML element can be seen in the XML file output with the BGL when the *.AD4 file is compiled.


FYI: Aprons always default to the ARP elevation specified in Airport Properties, so that explains the flatten terrain anomaly.

I suggest removing the Apron from your 6CA6 *.AD4 project file. :pushpin:

Then, as I recommended above:

Once you have fixed that, your CVX vector "sloped" flatten can precisely create a 'flat' and navigable surface from the hangar floor down to the RWY.

Your choice of CVX vector terrain-mesh-clinging land class textures can then be draped onto the local ground surface ex:

* Concrete in the hangar


* Local 'ground' land class between the hangar and the RWY

Let me know if you wish to learn how to do this. :)

PS: I was testing this in FSX with another kind fellow in a multi-player session, and neither of us could see the Apron.

However, when your scenery was loaded in P3Dv4.5, he was able to see the Apron, thereby alerting me to my goof. :rotfl:



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Hi again:

I now have ez-vintage_hangers_ss_v3.zip from AVSIM (which also includes the required textures): ;)


Apparently the hangar in question is #6 of 27 such MDL objects in that scenery library object BGL when viewed in MCX.

That object is ez-vintage hangers014 in MCX with a FSX GUID format: {9da23b14-4ce8-5265-0099-6e973ed4975d}

In FS9 GUID format the object is: {9DA23B1452654CE8976E99005D97D43E}

It is referred to as hanger_old_09_open in ez-vintage hangers.txt

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Hi Obie:

Sorry I did not realize this sooner, but apparently I had mis-interpreted some wording in the OP: :oops:

The cited vertex counts for the "four corners" of the Apron object misled me (it actually has 5 vertex points). o_O


Let me know if you wish to learn how to do this. Z

Yes quite often when I double click on the final vertex in a poly, if it is not precisely aligned with the "0" vertex, it will create vertex "4" ie 5 total. I usually try to remove them but this one apparently eluded me. The apron has been removed and the elevation anomaly is no longer present. I appreciate your offer but I just want to fly from 6ca6 for awhile. I have upgraded my BayTower RV-7 up to P3Dv4 standards and it is a perfect little craft for this airstrip. BTW the real 6ca6 is not as pretty as the Orbx rendition. More barren and dry. However kudos to Orbx for replicating the actual hangars very accurately.GE_6CA6.jpg
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