Proper way to add Heli parking at location off airport

I have an area in the Bahamas, where the airport is located on one island, and there is a heliport/seaplane base on a different island. I had added a couple of gates to the heliport to create a helicopter parking, and a dock for the seaplane. Problem is that in the simulator it does not specify it is a helipad parking spot. What do I need to do in order to have FSX & P3D read it as a heli parking and show up in simulator parking menu.


Resource contributor
I believe the best method would be to just assign a helipad start location for each spot in ADE. I don't believe that you can relabel the GA Parking spots with custom text. Even if you can, parking spots not linked to a runway (as you would normally get at a heliport) tend to cause issues, usually leading to a sim crash for me.