Properties box truncated....

Hi Jon,

I noticed this problem on my system with Ver 1.0
but didn't mention it, hoping the next update would
address it. Alas, I still have a "truncated"
Properties dialog box. The bottom of the rectangle
where there are apparently 2 buttons is cut off.

I see a small sliver of what must be the "Enter"
button in the lower left. I have to get my cursor
on this little sliver to colse the dialog and
have my edits accepted.

See the screen shot below. Could this be a video
card\driver issue? I would assume that if many
others saw this it would have been reported.

Paul ( I have updated to version 1.01, BTW )



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It has been reported once or twice. and seems to relate to screen resolution and font size settings. I have it on my list to look at. It also affects the New User Wizard for some users. The properties dialog will accept Enter for 'Save' and Esc for 'Cancel' so tht is the workaround until I can find a proper solution
Hi Paul
there is a mention of this in the thread "running ADE for the first time"

Thanks for the info, Jon and Ray.
I passed over that thread you mentioned, Ray, since
I just plowed ahead with the install and fired
it up.
In any case, it would seem to be the increased
font size that does it. Since I run my monitor
resolution at 1280x1024 I have the fonts increased
in size so I don't have to strain these old eyes
too much :)

I'll just use the manual "Enter" "ESC" workarounds
for the time being.