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Proton Stingrey is launched!

I launched my Proton Stingrey. Got my baby finished. (Are they ever finished? )

She is powered by 2 Tesla car motors at 450 HP each, features airframe carbonfiber integrated batteries, Capacitors that can quick-charge at phenominal rates, APU charging system by Searl which is a quantum based 'cold electricity' spinning magnet system, as well as 'Solar Skin'. The aeroshell is a lifting body 'flying wing' with no rudders, as like most flying wings... and birds... The Yaw control is based on, and controlled by computer feathering of one side of the props and also by popout spoiler plates, top and bottom, that flip out on one side when moving the rudder pedals or twisting the hand grip controls (fly by wire with emergency manual backup).

Fun plane to make. Created with simple NURMs for preliminary shape design, then the long journey of fitting it with systems, experimenting with flight controls, then creation of the computer system which uses 3 screens;
* Center Screen; Flight Instrumenation
* Left Screen; Power Systems, Radios, Lights, Switches
* Right Screen; GPS, Autopilot, Radios, Checklist system

The ship (craft) also features a talking AI named Stinger.

The craft comes in 3 types, all in the same package;
* Regular RG model (retractable gear) with all features
* FG Model (fixed gear) which is the economy 'rugged' Bush plane variant, highly recommended for Bush pilots in Canada and Alaska; lower cost, more rugged
landing gear, lighter weight for more cargo.
* Amphibian floatplane with retractable landing gear for land landings.

Fun and fast....

If you have Prepar3D V4.4, you will need to wait till a patch is released. I am working on that now. They took out a string I need for the fans. Its already worked around, but now tuning it to run the proper speeds and electric 'range', etc.

Fun project....

She is based off of 1920's and 1930's technology, actual planes built. So she is nothing super modern except for systems and things. The shape is very dated. The Arup airplane company was making something very similar long ago, including race planes. Then came the Chance Voight V-173 Flying Flapjack. That also was popular and still is.

This is her interior. I made it so that a person can fly from the back seat, like classic bi-planes and trainers. You could use it as a trainer for pilot training.

The computer system took a lot out of me. I put in the usual clicks and dings, boot up screens and things, then a talking AI. I made some interesting features for the GPS and redid all the GPS screens (NAV and other menus). I also did a cool Checklist system that you click on to go through your checkups. Also featured are timer based popup control menu pages which disappear after so many seconds. If you tap on them, like on the radios page for instance, you keep the page up longer. Keeps from having to turn them on and off, as they take care of that for you. I wanted the pages to slide into view like an Apple iPad OS thing, but no... Couldnt get that to work stable. I do still want that. Some day... .

Also, the background (Wallpaper) of the 3 screens can be changed. Standard bootup color is a grayish blue. You have about 10 or so other Wallpaper choices that include a space looking Nebula, brushed metal, etc, etc.

This is the various menus for the GPS system. This is still a GPS500 (FS9) code platform. Its rescaled from its original scale up to now 1500x pixels wide. HUGE! So all the menus and slider stack animations had to all be reconfigured. Wish I had known that. What a mess... Thanks to the guys here that helped me through that nightmare.

Menu popups....

So another child leaves the barn and goes into the world.. I hope people realise the amount of blood sweat and tears that went into her. I dont know why I always find the barriers in making planes. Thanks to those who helped me through them. Thanks to the Lord for keeping me strong and blessing me so immensely to be able to do this.

This is the Amphibian. Canopies opened, fans pointed up for STOL takeoff mode. This system is flaps controlled.
Magnificent work Bill! Despite the real life inspirations it is definitely unique, especially in the flight sim world.
Hey Ozz,

Many thanks. Hey, did you get your PPL? I see you in that icon standing by a real plane...
Nah, I'm still at the mercy of my instructor's solo endorsements for now. Tried 4 times over the summer to get a check ride scheduled and the weather never cooperated...so with about 80 hours of flight time under my belt (and around $10,000 later) I'm waiting for spring break to try for another check ride.