proximity triggers and OnEnterCondition

i'm sensing that not many people are trying to do what i'm doing, but i'll post anyhow, maybe useful to someone.

i've set an OnEnterCondition on a proximity trigger [ThrottleLeverPosition:1] > 90 so i'm saying i need the user to fly through the gate as close to full throttle.

now if i (the user) fly through the gate full throttle, 1st time, its ok, it triggers.
if i fly through low throttle, no trigger as expected,

BUT then i turn around and fly the same gate full throttle and NO TRIGGER! (not what i want of course, i need it to trigger)

so that's my problem, still working on it. if anyone cares to throw me a bone, much appreciated.
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well DUH! i needed to click off the 'one shot' button. can't believe how much time i've wasted on this without noticing the obvious

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