Question: locating the path to the currently loaded aircraft from C++?

FSUIPC has a function to retrieve the path to the current aircraft file loaded (aircraft.cfg).

Does anyone know of another way to get the path to the currently loaded user aircraft?

There is a simconnect event that reports you each time an .air file is loaded, with the absolute path of the file.
Not really useful because :
- if you are programming a gauge (that's a gauge topic so I suppose it is) your gauge need to be loaded before .air file, in order to setup appropriate simconnect event listeners. That's probably not the case so you will never receive this event
- The path of the .air doesn't give you aircraft.cfg. You can use relative paths in the sim= directive in aircraft.cfg; eg sim=..\..\SimObjects\Lear45\Lear45.air, but it does not mean that the current aircraft is a learjet

Thus, I'm also interested by a valid answer too ;)
Good points - I see that AVSIM's attachment policy strikes again and that unfortunately, Arne's code is no longer there.

The brute force method (scan all folders until matching ATC data is found) while it would work seems too radical. I was also thinking one way may simply be to possibly trap file I/O and find out which MDL file the process is loading, or trap anything with the folder name "texture" in it.
Well here's progress! Buried in the SDK is the function


When used with the parameter "AircraftLoaded", gets the full path name of the .AIR file that was loaded.

Because the .AIR file is in the same folder as the other aircraft files, that seems to be the solution to locating the currently loaded aircraft. Now for the variants of the aircraft, stay tuned...