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P3D v4 Questions ?

Just installed P3DV4 and seems it is working good.

Question ;
1 = Do i need a new FSUIPC, i have FSUIPC4

2 = I try to call fuel truck and it tell me there is no fuel truck at this Airport ! but i try different Airport and different parking place and it say the same thing...

3 = i cannot get P3DV4 to connect to ADE 175

Still testing my installation...
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To 1 : you must download and install FSUIPC 5 (full install 5.121b, then install update to 5.121c or later). P3D v4 is a 64bits program, and needs 64bits addons
To 2 : Do not know, I am not using that feature... Which airports?
To 3 : Sorry, I do not remember how ADE is connecting to the sim...
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Hi Phil;

OK; i download FSUIPC5 and it work good and now i can connect to ADE 175

First to call the fuel truck «shift F» , you must be at a parking spot, and not all airports have fuel.
But i tried at different International Airport that have fuel and it say " no fuel truck at this Airport" !

I created small Airport with fuel and fuel truk taxiway and work good in FSX, but i install the same Airport in P3DV4 and it say " no fuel truck at this Airport " !
Sorry, am not in a position to give any advice on that, as I do not use fuel truck thingy, but it does not work at my side either... Tested KHOU, KSLC, KORD, but no joy!
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In v 4.1, on a default airport, I can call the fuel truck, get an acknowledge message, and after a while it shows up and does its job. Perhaps try upping scenery complexity and ground vehicle traffic?
Well... Pretty confused now! How did I miss that one?
My Airport Vehicle Density was set to 0... Pushing the cursor to the right did bring the fuel truck...
Thank you for the info
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Slowly i'm getting better with P3DV4

One more question;

I've dowloaded a light effect from another site for testing and it work at 50%

when i fly a few nm out and come back eastward it is Ok
but when i fly a few nm out and come back westward the light is off...

I don't know if it is a setting in P3DV4 or a probleme with the light effect.

ScreenShot027.jpg ScreenShot026.jpg


More info;

After more days of recherche, i found that the probleme is realated to 2 effect that don't like each other.

It is the effect « fx_LDN_Light.fx» witch is the "Dynamic Lightning" (found here highter) and the effect « Cntrl_KilaueaEruption.fx» witch is the volcano effect.

When i install only the light effect, everything is OK and the light work nice.

But when i put the 2 effects in the same scenery, when i start P3DV4 the light is there but when the volcano start and i change the heading the light dissapear !

Could someone test my effects to see if they have the same probleme ?


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My probleme with the dynamic light is fixed.:)

Now i'm trying to install a GPWS gauge «callout alt» in heavy aircraft. And was wondering if someone could tell me or show me where to start, or download this gauge.